Notice of 2017 Fall Meeting of the HLSAJ

The Harvard Law School Association of Japan will hold this year’s fall meeting (the 66th meeting of the HLSAJ) as follows. Professor J. Mark Ramseyer, the Mitsubishi Professor of Japanese Legal Studies (HLS J.D. 1982), who is scheduled to be briefly in Japan this fall, will be the guest speaker. The subject of his speech is “Who Decides to Go to Law School, and Why?

The details of the meeting are as follows:

Date and time: November 7, 2017 (Tuesday), from 18:30
Location: Josui Kaikan (Tel: 03-3261-1101)
Dinner charge: 6,000 yen for members and 4,000 yen for guests, both payable at the meeting

Members wishing to attend should RSVP by (i) sending an e-mail to our Secretary, Mr. Kazuo Ohtake, or (ii) completing and returning the postcard enclosed with the invitation (in the case of members who received the letter of invitation by post), in either case no later than Friday, October 27.

Please also be advised that there are various proposals, requests, and other matters included in the official letter of invitation (a copy of which is linked below).

For those members who did not receive the email or letter of invitation for some reason (for example, because of the failure of the HLSAJ to register you as member or to keep track of your email or street address), please email Kazuo Ohtake, the Secretary & Treasurer of the HLSAJ, at rsvp [~at~] (replace “[~at~]” with “@”) and inform him of your planned attendance. The HLSAJ requests that members who received an RSVP postcard use the postcard to RSVP and do not use email.

For additional details regarding the spring meeting, please see the official letter of invitation (the letter is also available in Japanese).